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Help with changing colors on O needles
Hi! I'm making a sweater that has a triangle pattern (below). I got the pattern from Knit n Style.

Anyway, I've looked at the instructions for changing colors on this Web site, and it's great, but for straight needles. I can't figure out how to make a bobbin and work with it on circular needles because when you use the bobbin, you end up on the other side of the triangle. So I've been cutting and tying the two colors of yarn every time I get to the end of the triangle. Is there another way??? The back of my sweater is a mess, and I expect that it, with all those knots, it will be uncomfortable to wear.

Maybe I should have done this one on straight needles, but I was told you can do anything on circulars that you can do on straight (this is my first time using circulars).

Any help really appreciated!


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