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Another circular knitting question...
I really thought I knew what I was doing when I attempted a hat with circular needles, but I don't have a clue :? !!

(1) Once I complete a round (and get back to my end of row marker), do I keep knitting around or do I switch my needles to the other hand as if I was using straight needles?

(2) Do you purl the same way as on straight needles?

(3) Is castoff the same when working in the round?

AHHHH I feel so stupid and frustrated! I guess it didn't help that I was using Homespun yarn which I kept splitting! I was so excited about the cool bamboo circular needles, too :(

I did end up buying the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns (thanks for the advice, Amy), and she gives instructions for doing the hat w/ DPNs. My first hat attempt was with the DPNs, and that experience drove me out to the LYS for some circulars. Maybe I am fated to work with flat pieces and seams!!

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