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Here are some questions from beldaraan:

Denise said this weekend to start right?

That's the tentative start date!

How does a knit along work?

I'm fairly new at this myself, but basically I would assume with this thread and the blog combined, we'll be able to start the project this weekend (or at least have all supplies ready) and then post progress updates to the thread or blog. We might want to keep the majority to the blog so we don't take up a lot of space here. If you guys have digital cameras or scanners it would be GREAT to see pictures of your progress too. 2 of 3 of the joiners so far are new to socks entirely, so don't worry about your sock-knitting skills.

I know we all knit the same pattern but I mean how often do we post pics or at what part of the project do we post pics?

As often as you would like to! It'd be great to see pictures or content regarding where you are at each stage of the socks.

Do we all pace ourselves to try and finish around the same time or is it just a free-for-all?

Let's make this an organized free-for-all. Of course, everyone has different schedules so we can't say you have to be done by this certain date or else. Once we get an idea of a) what we are doing and b) everyone's skill level, we should have a general idea of how long this project will take us all to complete. In the mean time, if you find yourself behind or ahead, just do your best and have fun! If anyone is ahead some, it would be great to maybe post some pointers on the blog for those of us (I'm sure I'll be one) who may need a little help.

I'm excited.

Me too!!! My goal here is to have a great time with some gals that are just as wet-behind-the-ears as I am.

I would also love to see some more experienced knitters join up, so we can have someone to ask questions!

For those of you still signing up, please PM me your e-mail address so I can add you as a member to the blog!

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