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a really weird question...
Ok, yup this is weird. I posted a message that I'd like to teach knitting. On Craig's List. I thought it'd be fun and yeah, I could pick up a little bit of cash (I don't have a job). $10 an hour.
I immediately got a reply that seemed a little pushy so I wrote back and said, by the way, are you a guy? The answer came back, yes.
I know I must sound crazy, but I don't feel like teaching this guy... something offputting about the message. Or maybe I'd just feel more comfortable teaching women. Am I crazy? It is entering into a relationship that would go on for several weeks etc. Um, I'm not gay but, I'd rather teach women! ok, what do you think? And how do I explain it to him? (anybody want to teach a guy to knit?) Victoria

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