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Updates, 'knitalongers' please read!
I have PM'd back everyone that has PM'd me, but just to make sure everything has went through...

I have made accounts for the following (pay close attention to the IDs here, this is how your account is at blogspot.


Please follow the instructions in your PM/e-mails that I have sent to log-in with your temporary password and then change your password and e-mail address at blogspot.

If anyone is wondering why I created the accounts, it's because blogspot had some trouble today with inviting members. No worries, all should be taken care of!

After you have your info updated, head on over to the blog and reply to some of the posts when ya have a chance.

Amy has graciously given us carte blanche for this thread to also post pictures, progress updates, and other things related to the knit a long. Please take a moment to thank her.

Also...there is no deadline to sign up!!! Jump on in whenever you're ready. We hope to be started by the weekend, but it's not a requirement.

And lastly, just in case I didn't mention it before don't worry about your skill level. I haven't even finished a swatch *yet* so, this should be verrrry interesting!
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