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Cable Vest/Sweater??
It's unfinished at sleeves, but here's what I've devoted my life to for the last two weeks - a present for my husband - alas, that doesn't fit him! Too small. I made a medium because I thought the finished chest size sounded so big! Gage worked fine. You just have to add to the body for movement comfort, etc. Duh.

So it fits me, but I'd never wear a vest. So I was thinking of trying to put some sleeves on it.

There's tons of errors. Should have left an edge everywhere and done shaping in a stitch or two. The ribbing on the neck - wow. Of course I couldn't just follow the instructions and leave a shoulder open and do the ribbing flat so I could follow the instructions at the V. No. I put it on circular and when I got to the V - muddled through it poorly because you couldn't follow the instructions because you can't turn the work. Then I cast off with the knit instead of whatever because I don't understand if you cast off a k1p1 - do you k1, p1 then take the p over the k? Seems like pattern would get messed up.

Anyway, I'll be making another, hopefully better, and I'll try to follow instructions this time.

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