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I hope you didn't think I was being critical :( By practicing, I meant just keep going and eventually your gage will even out. Practicing should be fun, anyway! I used to do needlepoint and I got so frustrated with myself for messing up that "practicing" became a chore, and my fun hobby turned into a pile of thread, needles and canvas shoved in a box in the basement. When I first started knitting I used to frong and start over every "project" (they all ended up being dishrags) at least 3 or 4 times; then I just started leaving them there, thinking of the mistakes as my signature... I tried to picture people ooing and ahhing over my dishrags going "ooh, this must be a *Carolyn* design--look at that row of twisted stitches! what a genius!" Anyway, sorry if I offended.
I'm back!
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