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Hi Kiri,

While waiting for Amy to arrive....

I have seen the other 2 or so threads that you started on this subject and didn't quite understand at the time what you were asking.

I don't know if this helps you in any way, but last week I did a bind-off on a ribbed cuff (in the round) with the kitchener stitch. I had a k2p2 rib, so what I did was move my knit stitch pairs onto one set of needles, and my purl stitch pairs onto another needle.

Because I was knitting in the round, I did half the pairs first and kitchener stitched them, then I did the other half. Once you have your knit pairs on one needle and your purl pairs on another needle, you do the kitchener stitch as usual.

Maybe this isn't what you mean though. So I will just slink away back into lurk mode so that Amy can come and give a definitive answer!
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