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*Happy Hat Dance*
i was talked into visiting some of my family ..just my luck there was a blizzard here... and i was stuck with them until they decided i could go home (10 days)... becuase the house i was in is the coldest house on earth (i could sleep in the freezer and be warmer than this house is lol ) i was inspired to learn how to knit a hat... it took me 7 days to complete an adult/normal size hat i messed up the seam and i made the pompom hole to big but im still very happy with it... its blue and my first hat so i love it!....... it came out so well that i decided to try and make a baby size one... it took me 4 days of no sleep knitting.. but it was so worth it... this is the coolest thing ive ever made im so proud of it... the seam was perfect... the hole at the top isnt there... its perfect..... *happy dance*... i just wanted to share it with you all... if it wasnt for this site i wouldnt have been able to learn this... im so happy *HUGS* :D

*HAT PICS* <---- blue adult/normal hat<--- purple baby hat
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