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i do. i have a folder in my iphoto application ( i use a mac, but most every computer has a photo program in them) that i keep all my digital pics of projects in. sometimes i keep pics of projects while i'm making them, and sometimes just after they are done. i recently knit a purse and then felted it, so i did before and afters on that. i haven't had any of these pics printed yet, but when i do i plan to add them to:

my 3 ringed binder with those page protector things. i keep a copy of the pattern i used (with notes of changes i might have made to the pattern, like a needle size change, etc), a scrap of yarn(s) used and the label to the yarn and the date completed. my binder has is in sections, so i have completed projects, patterns (i want to do) and other knitting notes in the last section. i like this system. it is fun to watch it grow!
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