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Re: need help with a pattern from "cherished babies&quo
Originally Posted by Chris
I want to try to make the booties in the book (my sisters request)
The pattern reads:
Cast on 29 stitches and work 10 rows stocking stitch
Next row Knit 19 stitches and turn
next row purl 9 stitches and turn
on 9 stitches work 14 rows in stocking stitch, break yarn
My question for this is What does "turn" mean??
In Vogue knitting this is in the short row section....I know this book is written by a brit....does that factor in??
Thanks for all the help in advance.....

I think "Turn" means to act as if you've just finished knitting that entire row. For example at the first turn:
K19 sts, now turn the work purl 9 sts as if the remaining 10 sts don't exist ... the remaining sts might need to go on a sts holder until the pattern gives further directions for those sts.

I've never made any booties, but my sweater pattern called for me to do something similar this weekend. I had 133 sts. The pattern read K62 sts, put remaining sts on sts holder, turn and work 1 row in pattern. I didn't have to worry about the sts on the sts holder until I was finished with the initial 62 that I had knitted.

I hope that helped a little :?

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