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If there's one thing you learn after going through 3 hard drives in one year, it is to back up and make hard copies of everything. Did I say everything? I meant EVERYTHING!!!

I print out patterns with the pic included. After I'm finished I take a picture and print that out too. Notes are written everywhere.

I'm also thinking of printing out the patterns that I have bookmarked, just in case my comp decides to throw another curve ball at me. I spent a lot of time gathering a collection of items that I would love to knit, so I will probably do that too.

With that said, I've only begun knitting, so in terms of scrapbooking or other hard copy formats, I'm not sure. I like the idea of binder with those plastic sleeves you can put in them. You can put sample swatches in them or whatever you want, and just take them out as needed for notes. It's functional. Scrapbooking would be more appealing if you just want to be able to show off the work over the years in a nice format.

Let us know what you decide and how it turns out.
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