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Amy, I thought you said this in another post, but maybe I read it somewhere else. Anyway, the idea was to NOT have forums that were divided up too much, especially a forum asking for help. The logic behind the idea was that the "pros" didn't go to those forums as much as others.

Now here is a unique idea for a new forum that I think would be really cool. Make a forum where people with a certain number of posts can post. For example, if you make a forum for people with a hundred posts or more, then I get a forum with just the two of us in it Just kidding! I like to chat to anyone who will talk to me.

There is something to mark new posts read. The icon changes colour after you've read it. Definitely worthwhile finding if it's not automatic.

Oh, btw, Amy, if you ever decide to change the titles for the number of posts we have, can I have a special title called, "The Knitters' Cheerleader"? 8)
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