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Re: curling circular needles
Originally Posted by justanotherknitter
can someone please help me in telling me how to get the curling out of circular needles. am reall at a loss here. soaked them in warm water but it didn't last long.any help would be appreciated :?:
yay! I know the answer to this one! try boiling water , give them a good tug to straighten, and then instead of balling them up in your knitting bag, either make or buy a hanging circ needle holder. That will keep them straight and un-kinky while you're not using them. There's a pattern in Stitch and Bitch for a holder, and []here's a link[/] if you just want to buy one... or just check it out and make your own. I didn't follow a pattern when I made mine, and it was still easy, you just need minimal sewing skills (ie. you can cut fabric and and sew a striaght line... you mnight not even need a sewing machine, you could use that fusible webbing stuff)
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