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increasing for cables
Hi all! I just watched the Knitty Gritty show that was all about Aran knitting, and I love the sampler afgan pattern! However, I am a little confused about something:

"Note that whenever you knit cables, you must increase the number of stitches before beginning the panel. Increasing helps compensate for the tendency of cables to draw up the yarn; without increases, cabling would produce ripples in the finished piece. " do you know how many and where to place the increased stitches? When they say "increase the number of stitches before beginning the panel" do they mean increase by the number of stitches you will be putting on the cable needle? Example, if I repeat the cable instructions 8 times in a row, and there are 2 stitches on the cable needle for each cable I knit, do I have to increase a total of 16 times somewhere in that row?

I guess this is one reason why the project is rated advanced on the "knit-o-meter!!"

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