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Addicted to knitting!
I just stocked up on some more patterns and yarn and all sorts today! I had the best day ever! Now I understand why some people have a huge stash, looks like mine is shaping up to be the same!

But I don't care! I love the look, the feel and the colours of the wool I own. I can't wait to knit everything up, but I know I have to have it done in order! I don't want a load of unfinished projects laying about!

How 'bout you guys? Do you finish one project before starting on the next? Or do you have a few on the go at the same time? I generally have three on the go but I'm hard pressed not to start up more !

Anyway, I posted all about my day on my blog if you're interested. I'm just running off to dinner now so I'll catch y'all later!
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