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WHAT DO YOU THINK? about Interchangeable needles????
O.k since i'm almost finished with my 1st project i'm looking forward to my next and I came across some interchangeable needles on Ebay. (Don't get em there though, their going for more used than if you look elsewhere new.) So since with every new hobbie of mine I jump in with both feet and i'm ready to jump. (Even with my limited knowledge of knitting ) So does any1 have an opinion?

There are 3 choices-

1.) Denise interchangebles US size 5-15 and about $44.00

2.) Boye Neddlemaster Interchngble Circular needles about $69.00 (This has lots more needles which i haven't a clue what they're all 4 but thinking I might need them in the near future?)

3.) Bamboo intrchngble's for $109.00 ( with about as many needles as the Denise kit.)

Does any1 here have a set such as these? How do you like them? If you had a choice which would you buy? Or would you not buy the kit and just build up a set? Please let me know what you think, i'm already chompin' at the bit but i'll hold off for a few to see what you all have to say!
Thanks for your input!!! :D :D

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