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Hi Anne,
Thanks for your enthusiasm. The DVD will include instruction on the basics, and as many projects as I can fit. I've been so busy with the site, that I'm still just in the planning stages on the DVD! But I do plan on beginning shooting soon, hopefully next week.

My plan at the moment is demostrate making a sweater, a pair of mittens (maybe even gloves), and some felted slippers, which are knit exactly like socks (so that's like two projects in one). The more I think about it, the more I want to include! I can only fit so much material on the DVD, though. ...Anything you'd like to see included?

I may end up doing a beginner DVD, and an additional intermediate/advanced DVD, just so I can fit all the projects I want to fit!

I can't really say yet when it will be ready. My original plan was for January, but I've been so busy with the site!

I've actually just hired a part time helper, so that will free me up a lot, to focus on the project. It is possible that it will be done in late March, but it could be another couple months, if I get ambitious with the projects!

I sure am looking forward to devoting more time to it soon! Thanks for your interest, and for your patience! I hope I won't make you wait too long!

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