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Woah!!! Now THAT's fast!!

I've always wondered how fast "record breaking fast" is. 257 sts. in 3 minutes! (And that's including turning the work 4 times, it sounds like.) Wow! That's 85 stitches per minute!!!!!

I was wondering if I was fast enough to use "SPM+++" in my knitter's geek code. I knew there were faster knitters than me, but I didn't know how much faster...

SPM stands for Stitches Per Minute, and the +++ is "fast enough to compete in a speed contest" basically, or, fast enough that people gawk when they watch you knit! I'm guessing this would have to be at least 65 SPM, then, to qualify for the +++.

I didn't think I was +++ fast. This confirms it! I think my timed record is 51/SPM, and my typical speed is closer to 40/SPM. Which is ++, pretty fast, but not "keep the fire extinguisher handy" fast!

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