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whacko scarf
Mascara Snake (what a name! )

I don't know if this is that copyright infringement thing but I altered the pattern so... where do stand?

Anyhoo, I did a take off on a pattern from KNitting Made Easy that was for a big wraparound shawl, but ended it when it was narrower so it'd be a scarf not shawl.

It's SUPER EASY as long as you don't mind circulars. I used a size 11 circular. You cast on 150 stitches and k1 row, p1row according to colors you have and like. It's reallly neat to knit lengthwise instead of the regular width wide most scarves are done in. Oh yeah, each time you start a new color you leave a long piece like 12" or so that creates the fringe. Then you knot some of those fringes together, like 3, I braided some. It was my first time knitting on a circular and length wise and a lot of fun.

I ended up buying a scarf like this that reaches to the ground, from my lys for $50! It's even more beautiful than mine.

Thanks for the compliment!

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