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Sweet Tapestry Needle,

The time has come for me to express my passion for you. It has been three full days since I last spent time with you, three full days since I last fixed my eyes upon you, three full days since I last felt your sleek, aluminum curves and lines betwixt my fingers. Oh how I need you now, a hobby-less cretin simply cannot understand.

Think, My Sweet Tapestry Needle, of the wonderful seams we could make. It pains me that we do not spend great quantities of time together, but the quality is infinitely of more importance. Think of the overs and unders, the loops and crosses, and such smooth lines we could create if only you will be mine once again. Soon, so soon, we must spend quality time together, creating flowing seams now that the left sleeve and right sleeve, the front and back are all ready to be one.

Come, Sweet Needle of mine, let us make beautiful history!

In other words ...


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