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Originally Posted by amy
What'cha working on, Flappy?
Well, I'm a newbie knitter, so I'm still working away on scarves.

So far, I've made:
1. An garter stitch scarf that's about four feet long by a foot wide.
2. A fetching lengthwise garter stitch scarf in wool-- one long blue stripe and one long green stripe.
3. This bad boy in dark blue:
4. This hot momma as pictured:
5. A schizophrenic "bag lady" scarf made up in crazy mixed patterns and colors.
6. And right now, I'm working on a keyhole scarf in ice blue cotton and brown wool.

I highly recommend #3 as a second project for new knitters. Yes, the yarn is (very) expensive, but it's easy to knit and very soft.

Ok, I'll drop the chicknits questions for now. I like the idea of knitting gangs, though. Let me know if you want me to do a drive-by bind-off on that @%&*#.
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