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Oooh, Beldaraan, thanks for the tip! I'll have to check out the first book. I'm glad to hear he uses the same character. I love a good series. It's so sad when you read a good book, and that's all there is for the characters you've become attached to! Although, I think in this case, I was more attached to the action than the characters. Not exactly a character-driven book. But a fun action-filled plot. Just my cup of tea at the moment.

I'll check out the web site. I took a peak at it before, but I didn't want to look too hard, for fear of giving something away! Is it safe to look at the site for the other book? Or is there stuff given away for that book too?

I need to get my hands on a real copy of the DVC. My audio book had a couple of skips in it, and Langdon's final words to the bad-guy were totally garbled! (Doh!)

Flappy, "a drive-by bind-off?!" ROFL, you're too funny!!!
Those projects look great. I'm always interested to hear about what projects a new knitter likes. I've been thinking it would be fun to put together a "Brand New Knitters" pattern package, with a handful of projects for the brand new knitter, to offer on this site. When I've got the DVD done maybe. Ohhh, so many projects for this site I want to do!
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