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Roxanne, it's fine! I actually haven't mentioned it anywhere, so you've not missed anything. I haven't mentioned it, because I don't want to announce it on a loud speaker, because I'm afraid it might be negative advertising for the chicknits lady. So I'm trying to be subtle about it. I'm honestly not sure what the best way to go about it is. I don't want to raise any more eyebrows than necessary. I just wanted to explain why I had to remove the link. It's a bizarre request she's made. I've had a few bizarre requests. Another woman didn't want me to send her traffic by linking to her free patterns, because she was close to her bandwidth limit, and didn't want to pay more for the added traffic! (Even though she was selling products on her site, and it seems that traffic would be a good thing...?! People can be funny.) Anyway, I'm sure it makes perfect sense in Chicknit-lady's mind. I don't really understand her reasoning, but she didn't seem negotiable on the topic, so I'm just trying to obey her wishes.
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