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Originally Posted by amy
I'll check out the web site. I took a peak at it before, but I didn't want to look too hard, for fear of giving something away! Is it safe to look at the site for the other book? Or is there stuff given away for that book too?
Read the book(s) first!!! He has a section with extra information for each of his books. For the DVC, he has two challenges (detective work) that you can do. You get to find out what his next book involving this series will be about. I've done both of them and they were great fun.

Here's one of my favourite comments from his site in the FAQ section:

Much of the positive response I get from within organized religion comes from nuns (who write to thank me for pointing out that they have sacrificed their entire lives to the Church and are still considered "unfit" to serve behind the altar).
If you want to discuss DVC and A&D, after you've read it, feel free to PM me. I love talking about both of these books and the thoughts that they bring to light.
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