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Ah, I see this is where everyone pops in to say "hello"

My name is Karen and I'm from the Netherlands. I once learned to knit (and crochet and do needlepoint and make lace etc etc) from my mum when I was little but haven't done anything with those skills from about the age of 13/14 and up. Recently I picked up knitting again and found that I still 'sort of' knew how to get things done but did not remember exactly.

Someone who saw me write about it in my journal (*points to Miss Bummble*) kindly pointed me to this website and it's been a GREAT help! I watched most of the video's for the basic stitches and found out I actually know all of them already, so now I'm using them to help me understand the English names for the different stitches

Sofar I've only done test-cloths, just to practice but I've found a nice bag on the free patterns page (the chunky hip bag) which I will be buying yarn for tomorrow and I'll finally start on something a bit more useful and challenging than just these slaps of cloth I've been doing sofar

Amy, I understand it's your site; it's absolutely amazing and I thank you for all your trouble. It makes HUGE differences for me in understanding English/American patterns that I find online.


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