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Re: Circular or regular needles?????
Originally Posted by imaknitwit
I'm a new knitter. I am trying to knit a baby blanket. I'm not sure if I should use regular needles or circular. I will attach pattern below. Any suggestions would be helpful. I tried using the circular and after I cast on and knit the first row I realized that everything is attached so wouldn't I just be knitting a big circle? I guess I don't understand how to use the needles. Thanks for your suggestions.

My "student" tried to make this blanket. She tried it on straights; all of the sts fit, but it was a tight squeeze. I recommended from the beginning that she should use circs since the yarn is bulky, but she was too "afraid". There's no reason to be afraid I told her as much too!

Anyhoo - you don't have to knit a big circle to use circular needles. When you've completed one row, you simply turn your work as if you were still using straights. Simple

Hope that helps!

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