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Coincidence? Karma? Went to my LYS today re: problem I have posted in this forum already. They loaned me a copy of Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop. This book is very clear in its directions, she gives a lot of basic info which she then tranlates into some really nifty stuff. I think I may have come across Knitting Without Tears early in my knitting attempt and thought she was rather curmudgeonly and her book not illustrated enough for a newbie, but now that I understand how everything is supposed to work, I am going to give her another chance. There are three PBS series listed in the book, I'll see if there are any videos available. With instructions like work in "rib until you're sick and tired of it," yeah she has major attitude, but it's a refreshing change. She really pushes you to innovate. She's worth a look.
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