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No LYS??? Oh, I feel worse for you than me. I would die w/o my LYS, LOL.

Cleaning my house? I suppose I could do that, lord knows it needs it, but I am officially sick today and if I clean too much, my df will think I am not sick and I will not get sicky special treatment, LOL. No, I think I will lay on the couch and watch some tv and hope for inspiration to hit me.

On the Needles: Calla Tank ( and a baby blanket for my co-worker

Next on the Needles: My own design!!!

Check out my blog:

My geek code: KE++C+ Exp SPM+ Den++ Steel (+) Addi>+ Syn++ Nov Cot+ Wool> Lux> Hemp? Stash++ Scale++ Fin Ent? FI> Int> Tex> Lace? Felt? Flat Circ+ DPN> Swatch-- KIP SNB> EZ? FO7 WIP1 Guage B+ Cr+ Sw+++ Sp>
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