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Yep, I thought the business cards were a good idea, too.. I found that I have 3 sets of size 4 dpns, and who knows why b/c I hate dpns! Now it's easy to consult the card in the LYS so I don't buy duplicates (or triplicates). I forgot to say this before, though: I transferred the needle chart to an overhead sheet. I keep them both in my binder, the paper one just to make sure I have everything, and on the overhead one I mark which needles are tied up in a project, or on loan to someone, or whatever... So when a pattern calls for size 10 16" circulars, I can see that yes I have them, but oops they are holding a mitten, so I can either put off the new project or buy a new pair.
I also have cards for yarn that have no project attached to them. I have the yarn's info written on the card as well as a small amount of the yarn tied to it. I probably should keep a swatch with me since they look so different knitted up. This way if I happen to find myself in a yarn shop Laughing Laughing I can browse patterns with the yarn at hand.
I love this idea!!!! I'm going to do it too! Yay carol!
I'm back!
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