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I started one of these for hubby; I didn't finish it because of the stupid yarn. The homespun is VERY frustrating to work with (for me);unfortunatly I *love* the colors and I can never refuse to buy it!! It was very easy. If you like homespun, here is a link to one of my (2) LYS, which carries homespun mill ends. A 6oz/185 yard skein sells for 5.99 most places, including the Lion Brand site... my store carries it for 5.99 a pound. In order to figure out how many pounds to buy, figure about 2.666 skeins per pound (or round up to 3 skeins, but that's being VERY generous)... so if the adult large takes 4 skeins, you could get 2 pounds and have plenty left over. This LYS will ship all over, even overseas and they go buy the lowest priced ship methos (unless other wise specified). The only "downfalls" are: they don't take online orders, you need to print the order form and either mail it, call them toll free or fax it in. They also charge a $2.00 handling fee for each order.

You could also substitute an equal weight yarn (that's what i plan on doing)... just convert to yardage; 1 skein = 185 yards, so 4 skeins for adult large = 740 yards. Homespun is a bulky weight yarn, so all of these from Lion Brand would work: Color Waves, Chunky USA, Festive Fur
Fun Fur, Homespun®, Homespun Baby®, Incredible, Jiffy, Kool Wool. Lion Suede, Moonlight Mohair, Polarspun, Trellis, Velvet Spun, Watercolors, and Wool-Ease Chunky. .... or you could get a bulky wool, too.

someone check my math please. :thinking:

Can't wait to see it!
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