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knitting on dpns
OK, i have watched Amy's videos and they are extremely helpful. And I am not trying to make this harder than it is. But when I knit on dpns it seems I am knitting inside out or something.

Say I am knitting on 4 needles. I cast on and then I join the work. I do this by slipping a stitch from my left needle onto the right (the one with the working yarn). Then i take the 2nd stitch from the right and lsip it onto the left. Is that where I am screwing up?

It seems when I knit on dpns my work is coming towards me instead of away from me. It is coming from the top of the needles.

I have been told to work the needle closest to me, blah, blah, blah...

I just am not getting it!! Someone please help this newbie (eyes tearing up). :crying:

ANy help would be appreciated. I am trying to make little Cadbury easter chick and bunny cozies for my family.

Thanks, ali
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