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Originally Posted by KellyK
Hilde, you are AWESOME.
Yes. Yes I am.

Originally Posted by KellyK
Am I becoming a yarn snob???
Yes. Yes you are.

J/k. A yarn snob is (to me) a person who turns their nose up at a certain kid of yarn for no other reason beyond its not being what they like best; I guess one could be a yarn snob towards wool :thinking: We just usually hear it the other way around.

Wild, I don't personally like homespun, but a lot of people do. My girlfriend knits with it all the time, and she's made a bunch of stuff. I love how it feels and I love the colors, I just can't stand knitting with it... this is MY problem (shut up beldie) and not necessarily a problem with the yarn.

KK, there are directions for how to add a pocket in the book The Sweater Workshop; it's super easy, and practically invisible. And it wasn't *that* much research, I just happen to be intimately aquainted with my LYS and the lion brand site :-) But as I say at school "Don't tell me, put it in my file."
I'm back!
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