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Re: knitting on dpns
Ok, let me see if I can help without making things more confusing...

Originally Posted by Ali2005224
Say I am knitting on 4 needles. I cast on and then I join the work. I do this by slipping a stitch from my left needle onto the right (the one with the working yarn). Then i take the 2nd stitch from the right and lsip it onto the left. Is that where I am screwing up?
I'm not quite sure what you mean here, but I don't think you need to be slipping stitches to join anything, you just take the working yarn from the right and start knitting on the left needle. Watch amy's video carefullly again to see how she joins the work--I got confused on that at first and had to really watch where everything was in the video. In the continental dpn video anyway, she's not slipping stitches anywhere...are you watching that one or english?

Once you join, keep knitting the stitches on the left needle until they are all moved over to the right needle, then turn your work a bit and move to the needle to the left of the one you just worked. Take your newly emptied needle and make that your right needle, and knit from left to right again.

When I knit in the round my needles are at the "top" and I don't think that's a problem.

Hmm, does that make sense? Someone correct me if I'm wrong! :thinking:
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