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I am a newbie oldie My aunt who was born in Holland taught me how to knit when I was 7 and was very patient with me. I knitted small projects like scarfs and squares and then stopped in my mid thirties. In November of 2004 my SIL's step mother ask me if I knew anyone who knew how to knit and I said "I do I do!" She wanted to learn how to knit so she could knit some of the fun fur scarfs. I sat down with her and showed her how and got so excited over all the new fur yarns and chunky yarns that I haven't put the needles down since. I took my knitting to work and knitted fun fur scarfs during lunch I ended up making about 40 of them from Thanksgiving to Christmas It was so much fun. I haven't tried to tackle big projects but at the moment I have become addicted to the fan and feather pattern. I have done baby blankets in this pattern and am now working on a shawl for my sil in fan and feather. It's very relaxing and certainly keeps me out of the malls.
I also am an avid collector of antique and collectible clothing buttons. Hope to knit with buttons soon
Love the sight and hope to get to join in with all the chatter
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