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knittin on dpn problems
I only do it once and it does seem to make for a very tight join. Unfortunatley, no, I have not progressed much further. I started knitting a sock a couple weeks ago but it seems when I got to the gusset I was knitting inside out. I'm only guessing on this.

So, to get used to dpns I started knitting the Cadbury chick and/or bunny. Anyway, I questioned myself the whole time and frogged everything I started. I think I am just going to blindly finish an item and see what turns out. Maybe then I can figure out if I am knitting wrong.

I will say this, my work does seem to grow from the top coming towards me instead of growing from the bottom of the circle. That seems to be my tipoff that I am doing something wrong. (Deep sigh)

Thanks so much for your response. I shall perservere, this will not beat me!!!

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