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I'm Julie (of course! and I started knitting on January 2! I'm the daughter of a master knitter....really, my mom learned as a very young child and can knit anything in the world....but her teaching style and my learning style never meshed. She tried to teach me once and I was soured on knitting for many years!

So I looked on the Internet for a learning resource, and started trying to learn English knitting from diagrams, and it was sooo frustrating! I wanted to pitch everything out the window. I vented to my sister, and she said, "you ARE learning the GERMAN way, aren't you? Mom will KILL you if you don't!!" My search for videos led me to this site, and I decided to give continental a try. What a difference! Within a few hours I began to understand why people knit for fun. (And yes, the first question my mom asked when I told her that I had learned how to knit was, "are you holding the yarn in your left hand?!?!")

It's been great to have a human resouce at my disposal, but really, Amy's videos have taught me almost everything I know. They are so fantastic and I refer people here all the time.

After finishing a few small projects (hats, scarves, a poncho), I just finished my first big one last week: a sweater. I haven't weaved all the ends in yet, but it's all put together and I'm pretty darn proud of it! (I increased! I decreased! I picked up stitches for the neck!) Tomorrow morning I'm off to buy yarn for sweater #2, a gift for a baby shower on April 24.

I'm also trying to learn about color right now -- of course for my first practice piece I charted a letter of the alphabet, which doesn't lend itself easily to fair isle or intarsia, so I sort of had to combine them. Amy, I'd love to see more videos about knitting with color!

Thanks, Amy, for all of your hard work. You are a fabulous teacher!!
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