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Best resources to learn to do Charts & Graphing?
I've seen Amy's dk video and am wondering where I can learn even more about charts and graphing.

Just starting to double knit (the Beverly Royce way, as in her book "Notes on Double Knitting")....and am wondering about learning more about the chart and graph side of it.

I know I've seen a post over in General with a great link on how to read one....but now can't seem to find it and I could use more suggestions, as I've seen the folks here have some EXCELLENT links to all kinds of stuff!

Also, I recently had a library book out from Barbara G. Walker "Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns" about charting her way, but didn't find that very helpful. There was like 4 or 5 pages of shorthand and it all just became one big blur. I think I need something a little less intense to start off with.

Any/all welcome...and thanks in advance!

[Suggestion to Amy, while you're in the process of making new categories, you might just want to make one with links to other helpful resources like the ones flowing in here nearly daily now. Just a thought. ]
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