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I think a "good" chart is supposed to draw verticle and horizontal bars to designate the pattern area from the blank squares.

If you're more game than I, you can always check out the Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns from Barbara G. Walker at your local library or interlibrary loan....but I warn you, it's very intense. Among the blur, I did see a heart pattern or two in there somewhere (I think.)

Again, I'm stumblin' here, but I think she let's ya know where the blanks are within the pattern too. She gives like pages and pages and pages of footnotes to her graph/charting was just too much for me...but maybe not for you?

This is why I brought this topic up....I'd like to learn something that won't drive me insane while I learn it. I'll save the complications (or as much as possible) for later on in the skill building.
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