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Originally Posted by Jivewhistle
I think the calligraphy would look great on a pillow or something. I still have a bunch of chinese books with calligraphy. Argh, I gotta figure this out!
Great idea Jivewhistle. It was a huge fad back in the late 60's/early 70's. I've had many items with Chinese calligraphy on them ever since.

You've reminded me of a funny story.....worth sharing here I think:

A long time ago, I had this really lousy job at a company I used to work for. The days seemed to go on and on and my efforts mainly went unrewarded. It was a paycheck type of job.

Then one day an old artist friend of mine touched base with me after many years. He said he was doing oriental calligraphy, mainly Haiku, using a translational book so he could scribe while learning new words....but was looking for small projects to sharpen up his skills.

I (jokingly) asked him if he could do "Take this job and shove it" so I could use it for a screen saver at work...while I looked for another job. Within about a week I got an email attachment with the phrase written in calligraphy. Consequently, I took it to work and installed it on my machine there. I had it on for quite some time, until one day, a client from one of the Asian countries came to visit our office here in the States.

After getting to know him a little bit (and knowing he wasn't anal retentive)...I asked him to translate the phrase on my test my friends skill level. He read it aloud softly until he reached the end and more or less finished reading without saying the end.....and looked at me with a great big smile and a I was able to confirm (in English) my friend is a true master!

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