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changing a sock pattern (size-wise) HELP!
Hi! Hm, am I remembering correctly or ... did Amy once talk about resizing socks? And, where is that SUPER MATH PERSON that helped me before!????

Ok, I want to make the socks a little smaller. I'm using the first sock pattern, a beginners sock, in that sock book that looks like a sock.
Uses 5 needles.
It's a cast on of 48 stitches, 12 on each of 4 needles, the heel flap is worked on 24 stitches.

Soooooo, these socks were way big & I had to give them to my dh or felt them down. So I gave them to him.

Now, if I do 44 stitches, 11 on each, then I do the heel flap at 22 stitches. Does that sound ok?

the gauge is 24 sts = 4" so I'll reduce them about 3/4"
heh heh, I'm trying to get mathy here myself.

Or I could do 40 st cast on but that would reduce them quite a lot.
Well, 1 and something inches. ! 1 1/4
Then a 20 st heel flap.

What do you think!

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