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Originally Posted by Hildegard_von_Knittin
I was thinking this would be like a circle thing... FMama, Beldie, KK and I all have stuff we want to get rid of... so Fmama puts 3 things labeled FM in a box, and sends it to Beldie... Beldie looks at the box, takes out 2 things from FMama and puts in 2 things she doesn't need labeled BD, then sends it to KK.... KK takes one thing from FMama and one thing from Beldie, puts 2 of her extras labeled KK in, then send it to me... I take out one thing, put one thing in, and send it to Amy who just jumped on the bandwagon.... Amy follows suit, etc etc etc (i don't remember why the labeling is important, but it is)
*and by extras I mean comparable amounts... If I put in 3 skeins of noro (yean right) and KK takes all three and puts in 3 ziploc bags of 2-foot long fun fur ends, it's not exactly the same (sheesh, KK! ) This is about honor system all the way....
They do this at the knitty board and it sort of works, I think one of the first boxes was lost forever. I think the only downside is getting a box with nothing you really want in it. And I would do this, but I'm extremely unemployed so I only splurge on trades and the occasional Random Act of Kindness.

We could try the RAK type thing, like "I want some purple yarn" and you just happen to have some extra purple yarn you send to me (thank you!) and you say "I want any IK mags" and Amy sends one off to you...

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