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Working into the cross loop (K1 tbl, k1, k1 tbl,k1)
Im working on my first cardigan (sweater) and the istructions reads:

work 4 into cross loop before foll st (=k1 tbl, k1, k1 tbl, k1).

Ok, I understand how to how to work one into the cross loop but 4 into cross loop I am not sure of. Lets see if I got this right.

Pick up the cross loop with left needle and knitt one through the yarn in the back of that loop,with out moving the loop over to the other needle I continue by knitting one in the front of the same loop that I had picked up then move it to the other needle. That would be k1 tbl, k1, right??

This next step is where I get a little comfused ok ok a lot confused!

Next, I pick up the cross loop once again and start over. Or, do I continue knitting through the same loops over again until a total of 4 has been knitted?? Oh boy this is a doozie for me I have a big mess on my hands and I have pulled this one out 5 or 6 times, I have been Banging Head Against Wall on this one...HELP PLEASE
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