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Knew Knitter Knows Knothing
When I was just a little girl, my grandmother taught me the KNIT stitch. That's all I ever took with me through my life and while, on several occasions, I tried to teach myself to purl (my grammie said it was just the reverse of knit) I was unsuccessful. It seemed clumsy and I just couldn't get the mechanics down.

Last week, I got the mechanics down and thought I was on my way, but there's apparently something I'm still doing wrong. My yarn wraps from outside the knitting to the inside, creating a "gobbing" effect. I get a wrapped up gob when I combine knit/purl stitches. I do great if I knit a whole row or purl a whole row. It's when I have to combine them in the same row that I have a problem.

I figure my problem to be in either technique or maybe even how I hold the yarn or even where the yarn is placed. I also wonder if I'm not naturally combining one style of knit with the other style of purl.

I do so badly want to learn to do this right -- I've so enjoyed what I've done to this point and I'm finding it has tremendous calming and therapeutic value after a long day of those pompous "Y" chromosomes I work for.

Tell me. Is there any hope for me?
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