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Addicted too!
Originally Posted by milindoe
Can't believe how quickly I've become an addict...
When I was 13 I learned to knit with yarn in my right hand. I did knit a few small things during my teen years, but I never liked it that much at that time. Later I learned to crochet where I learned to hold the yarn in my left hand. When I went back to knitting, it seemed easy to stay with yarn in my left hand. However I never really learned how to knit continentally. I was still wrapping yarn around the needles. Never did knit much that way though.

Just recently I've begun knitting prayer shawls for people who would benefit from them. At first I began knitting my previous method which wasn't working as well as I wanted. I read stuff all over the internet and fortunately stumbled upon Amy's website--here. I watched the videos and was amazed at how much I learned. The videos make things so clear; much more so that reading directions and looking at illustrations. Knitting suddenly became easier and more fun.

Now I'm addicted. I'm a real continental knitter now. I can hardly stay away from knitting long enough to do anything else!!!! I look at yarn in stores and on the internet and I want to buy it ALL! There are tons of internet yarn stores I've bookmarked to check new yarn sales. I watch the local newspaper for sales on yarn in stores around town.

Well after a while of watching many of Amy's videos, I decided I couldn't live without the CD so I bought it. All of this work she did definitely deserves some financial support and now I can watch the CD videos from "home".

So I understand completely the addiction. I can't understand how I ever got along without knitting....
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