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Here's just an idea....

Long ago when I used to Quilt, I was on a birthday list. (let me see if I can remember all the details.)
X amount of people . Start it at a particular date say May 1, 2005. Whoever's birthday is may gets sent a skein of yarn from all the others in the group.. So if there's 12 people then the birthday person gets 12 skeins of yarn that month.
Hey, I guess it's like a pryamid scheme huh? If the groups are kept small say 1 person per month for a year it works out pretty well. I did get a lot of fabric the only thing was I was sending out better stuff than I was getting so after the year was up I got out. So it would have to have some details set 1st. I don't know, Just a thought. If there's anybody interested maybe we could get something going.
Let me know.
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