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Originally Posted by Hildegard_von_Knittin
I don't know that you CAN do fair isle int he round... because you're not knitting a round on top of a round on top of a round, you're knitting a spiral... I haven't had too much experience with fair isle, but the few round pieces I have done I knitted flat and seamed.
I thought the multicolor Norwegian sweaters were knit in the round, then the armholes steeked -- but then I guess they would probably put their jog where the steek was to be cut, and they could essentially say goodbye to the jog that way.

OK, I just checked a handknit Norwegian sweater from the closet. The sleeves are knit in the round, and they definitely have a jog, and the knitter didn't do any fancy picking up of other rows to hide it. On the other hand, the decreases are also done along the jog line, so the landscape is somewhat complicated. Not to mention that the part that has the multicolor pattern jogs is positioned under the arm, where it is unlikely to be noticed. And the sweater appears to have been knit on size 6 or 7 needles, so the jog itself is smaller than a jog knit on larger needles.
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