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Thanks! That picture (of my avatar) was taken moments after I married my husband! I love the picture because I'm so happy, and it shows. Actually, here's a funny story.... I use that same picture on a forum for artists, and one of the artists there emailed me and said they wanted to do a painting of that picture, because they liked it so much! They actually did do the painting, and sent me a picture of it--I love it. Maybe I'll post it to my blog-thread later today if I have time!

We have a "Blog Thread" forum on this forum, where people can start a thread that is their own simple blog. I have one here. No pictures of knitting yet, since I just started it!

Hey, if you wanted to, you could just run your blog through an online translater (like this one), and have a computer-translated-to-English blog. It's not a perfect translater, of course, but it's workable.

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