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Working the Gusset
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**photo added** OK I am lost
Help! This is the Turkish bag KellyK posted...

Bottom of bag

Cast on 15 stitches and, working back and forth on the circular needle, knit 32 rows, making a garter stitch square with 16 ridges on each side.
--Ok, I am pretty sure I got that, though the 16 ridges is a little wonky

Continuing from the corner where the final row finishes, pick up and knit 15 stitches along each of the other three sides of the square (total 60 stitches).
-- I don't get that. Can someone translate that to English for me

Place a marker; this will be the beginning of the round for the body of the bag.
-- Ok, I got that too!

Double the stitch count by working (YO, K1) around (120 sts).
-- That seem simple enough
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