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on the bottom you should have 16 ridges that look like overlapping smileys and frownys... Start at one corner of the bag, and stick your needle inbetween the first 2 ridges; then wrap the yarn around, and draw it through... tada! One picked up stitch! (pick up and knit = just pick up a stich). Do that inbetween all the ridges on that side, working towards the left, and then do the same for all the other sides too. After you've picked up all your stitches, place the marker, and then count the stitches. If you have 60, YAY!!!!! if not, my un-orthodox method (which is okay for bags, but not with garments) is just to knit 1 round increasing or decreasing evenly (as necessary) until I end up with the right about of stitches. Then I don't count that "extra" round I just did, and begin the body of the bag. Hope it works!
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